Evidence Labs

Evidence Labs contains experiemental components and features for Evidence projects.

Using Evidence Labs Components

  1. Install the package from npm:

    npm install --save @evidence-dev/labs
  2. Include it in your evidence.plugins.yaml file:

    components: @evidence-dev/core-components: {} @evidence-dev/labs: {}
  3. Add the component to your page!

Component List





Adding a New Component to Evidence Labs

  1. Fork and clone the repo: https://github.com/evidence-dev/labs
  2. Add YourComponent.svelte to the src/lib folder, making sure you add an evidenceInclude flag (see examples)
  3. Test it by adding it to pages/your-component/index.md (you will need to import it, and the syntax is a bit annoying - see other components for examples)
  4. Export it from src/lib/index.js so it can be imported by other projects when it is published
  5. Open a PR to the main repo