Cohort Analysis

This is an experimental component, with issues still to be solved.

  • Incomplete periods are currently not removed from calculations or shown as blanks. This may require either an assumption of time grain, or that the dataset exclude any incomplete time periods.
  • Number formatting should be an option
  • Component should allow for differently named columns than cohort, period, and metric
  • Data structure requried for this component may change
  • Component does not contain any error handling
Cohort Size 12345
2023-01-01 8,347 89.8%53.6%29.6%14.9%11.3%
2023-01-02 2,399 36.6%35.0%27.3%14.1%0.0%
2023-01-03 848 90.3%64.2%27.6%15.8%0.0%
Total 11,594 78.9%50.5%29.0%14.8%8.1%